Anna Catherine Parnell

Standard Name: Parnell, Anna Catherine


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Dedications Hannah Lynch
HL dedicated her second novel, The Prince of the Glades, a love story, to Anna Parnell , appropriately in view of the Fenian sentiments it embodies.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
33242 (7 February 1891): 10
Murphy, James H. Irish Novelists and the Victorian Age. Oxford University Press.
Friends, Associates Hannah Lynch
Through her involvement with the Ladies' Land League , HL became acquainted with the League's leading force: Irish nationalist and artist Anna Parnell , to whom she dedicated her novel The Prince of the Glades...
politics Hannah Lynch
The League itself, headed by Anna Parnell , was an off-shoot of the Irish Land League , and was the very first political association of Irish women. Lynch was secretary of the London branch while...
politics Helen Taylor
Her approach to Irish political issues in particular revealed the distance between her thinking and the philanthropic, imperial feminism of many English suffragists. The activities of the Irish Ladies' Land League , with which HT
politics Helen Taylor
HT supported the London branch of the Irish Ladies' Land League of which she became a committee member at the inaugural meeting in February 1881. She later attended meetings in both England and Ireland. She...
politics Katharine Tynan
She had attended the first meeting of the Ladies' Land League , which was formed on 31 January 1881 by Anna Catherine Parnell , sister of Charles Parnell (the Irish nationalist and founder in 1879...
Reception Helen Taylor
Branches of the Irish Ladies' Land League (one in north London and one in Manchester) were named after HT . Charles Stewart Parnell , however, did not approve of women joining the struggle (he...


31 January 1881: At the end of the month in which Charles...

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31 January 1881

At the end of the month in which Charles Stewart Parnell stood trial for demoralizing the Irish people, his sister Anna Catherine Parnell launched the Ladies' Land League in Ireland; like the original Land League

2 March 1881: The Protection of Person and Property (Ireland)...

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2 March 1881

The Protection of Person and Property (Ireland) Act allowed for arrest on a Lord-Lieutenant's warrant of any person suspected of engaging in acts of treason or of inciting violence.


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