Martin Luther King

Standard Name: King, Martin Luther,, Jr


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Health Alice Walker
In April 1968 AW suffered a miscarriage, which she attributed to the physical and emotional stress of Martin Luther King 's assassination and her walking in his funeral procession.
White, Evelyn. Alice Walker. A Life. Norton.
Material Conditions of Writing Maya Angelou
The events that led up to this book were the devastating murder of Martin Luther King and the success of MA 's tv series Black, Blues, Black. Then an editor at Random House suggested...
Material Conditions of Writing Maya Angelou
During the 1950s MA , with competence as a singer and success as a dancer already under her belt, developed the ambition of becoming a writer. She began with sketches, song lyrics, and short stories...
politics Alice Walker
With David DeMoss and about 250,000 other people, 60,000 of them white, AW attended the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on 28 August 1963 in support of the impending Civil Rights Act, and...
politics Maya Angelou
When MA returned from Africa to the USA she intended to throw in her lot with the fledgeling Organization of Afro-American Unity , which Malcolm X had launched the previous year, and which he designed...
politics Maya Angelou
After a commemorative event at Carnegie Hall to mark the centenary of the birth of W. E. B. Du Bois (which MA attended with the Baldwin family to hear Pete Seeger sing and James Baldwin
Textual Production Maya Angelou
She found it hard to write this volume, to reconcile her desire to write something uplifting with such painful material as the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King , race riots, and the...
Textual Production Elizabeth Jane Howard
Three days after Martin Luther King was killed, EJH published in the Sunday Telegraph an article about the murder entitled The Real Tragedy of the South
Leader, Zachary. The Life of Kingsley Amis. Jonathan Cape.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Deborah Moggach
This novel deals rather briefly with the social and commercial success constructed for himself by Gordon Hammond (a self-made builder), then in more detail the flying apart of this apparently stable construction and the re-assemblage...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Alice Walker
AW writes here about love and disillusionment, about political figures like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King , about writers she admired, like Bessie Head , or like Zora Neale Hurston , Nella Larsen ...
Violence Maya Angelou
This brought her up close and personal with yet another political and personal trauma. King was murdered on Angelou's fortieth birthday: the second charismatic black leader to be killed just when she was about to...


1 December 1955: Black seamstress Rosa Lee Parks, sitting...

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1 December 1955

Black seamstress Rosa Lee Parks , sitting as local law required in the rear section of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, refused to give up her seat to a white man at the driver's...

November 1956: The US Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation...

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November 1956

The US Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation of seating on public transport was unconstitutional.

28 August 1963: Martin Luther King gave his famous I have...

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28 August 1963

Martin Luther King gave his famous I have a dream . . .
King, Martin Luther, and Gary Younge. I have a dream. Guardian News and Media.
speech to more than 200,000 people at a peaceful Freedom March in Washington, DC.

7 March 1965: Newsmen and tv cameras recorded a brutal...

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7 March 1965

Newsmen and tv cameras recorded a brutal attack by state troopers at Selma, Alabama, on marchers peacefully protesting against earlier violence (and a death) during a drive to register black voters.

4 April 1968: The Rev. Martin Luther King, civil rights...

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4 April 1968

The Rev. Martin Luther King , civil rights leader, was assassinated at a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee.


Younge, Gary, and Martin Luther King. “Foreword”. I have a dream, Guardian News and Media, 2007, pp. 5-6.
King, Martin Luther, and Gary Younge. I have a dream. Guardian News and Media, 2007.