Malcolm X

Standard Name: X, Malcolm
Used Form: Malcolm Little


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Dedications Maya Angelou
MA entitled her next volume of autobiography All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes. It is dedicated to Julian [Mayfield] and Malcolm and all the fallen ones who were passionately and earnestly looking for a home.
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Angelou, Maya. The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou. Random House.
Material Conditions of Writing Maya Angelou
After her years in Africa, after her intention of giving her life to political activism was cut short by the murder of Malcolm X , MA returned to her goal of becoming a writer...
Occupation Maya Angelou
Back in the USA, when a projected vocation in politics died with Malcolm X , she returned to nightclub singing, then, after recuperating emotionally, to the dream of becoming a writer. Meanwhile she got a...
politics Maya Angelou
When MA returned from Africa to the USA she intended to throw in her lot with the fledgeling Organization of Afro-American Unity , which Malcolm X had launched the previous year, and which he designed...
Textual Features Maya Angelou
Chapter one opens on MA 's ambition to become a writer: her first beginnings, her move to New York, her joining the Harlem Writers Guild , the terrifying experience of her first reading to...
Textual Production Maya Angelou
She found it hard to write this volume, to reconcile her desire to write something uplifting with such painful material as the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King , race riots, and the...
Travel Maya Angelou
She had initially intended to leave Ghana not for the USA but for somewhere in Europe or Asia. Then a repeat run in Genet 's The Blacks took her to Frankfurt, Berlin, and...
Violence Maya Angelou
MA was no sooner back in the USA than Malcolm X was murdered.


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