James Nayler

Standard Name: Nayler, James
Used Form: James Naylor


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Cultural formation Rebecca Travers
She was originally a Baptist and was converted to Quakerism by James Nayler . She remained loyal to Nayler, even after he was disgraced and condemned by George Fox . RT organised the first women's...
Family and Intimate relationships Rebecca Travers
The names of RT 's parents are not known. Her sister, Mary Booth , was like her a Quaker and a follower of James Nayler .
Mack, Phyllis. Visionary Women: Ecstatic Prophecy in Seventeenth-Century England. University of California Press.
Friends, Associates Margaret Fell
A number of early Quakers became lifelong friends and fellow-workers with MF . She met James Naylor or Nayler and Richard Farnsworth not long after she met George Fox .
Kunze, Bonnelyn Young. Margaret Fell and the Rise of Quakerism. Macmillan.
She also enjoyed a...
Friends, Associates Rebecca Travers
She must have been a close personal friend of her co-religionist Joan Whitrow and her family, for when Joan's daughter Susannah was dying in 1677 she asked for Rebecca, that dear Friend . ....
politics Mary Fisher
This brutal treatment was widely publicised: in a pamphlet by an apparently non-Quaker but outraged Eminent Hand, entitled The First New Persecution, and in a letter from a Friend appended at the end...


October 1656: Quaker maverick James Nayler set out to demonstrate...

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October 1656

Quaker maverick James Nayler set out to demonstrate the spirit of Christ within him by staging an entry into Bristol riding on a donkey, as Christ had ridden into Jerusalem.


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