Susannah Whitrow

Standard Name: Whitrow, Susannah


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Family and Intimate relationships Joan Whitrow
JW 's daughter Susannah , aged about fifteen, went down with the illness of which some days later she died.
Whitrow, Joan et al. The Work of God in a Dying Maid.
Family and Intimate relationships Joan Whitrow
Joan's daughter, Susannah , was born about 1662, and in youth attended the local Anglican church, which later, after becoming a Quaker , she came to regard as that abominable House, where they commit their...
Friends, Associates Rebecca Travers
She must have been a close personal friend of her co-religionist Joan Whitrow and her family, for when Joan's daughter Susannah was dying in 1677 she asked for Rebecca, that dear Friend . ....
Publishing Joan Whitrow
Once in print, however, The Work of God in a Dying Maid did well. It was reprinted at Dublin in 1797, and at Philadelphia the following year it was included in a collection entitled An...
Textual Production Rebecca Travers
In 1677 RT contributed a preface to Joan Whitrow 's The Work of God in a Dying Maid, about the pious death of Whitrow's daughter Susannah . This testimony took its place alongside others...


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