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Intertextuality and Influence Angela Carter
Linden Peach comments that this novel rewrites rewriting of the biblical story of Genesis. It can also be read as an undoing of gender identities as they are supposed to be formulated according to...
Literary responses Angela Carter
Peach has argued that convenient critical labels such as magic realism can obscure the fact that AC 's non-realistic philosophical writing explores the actualities in which many of us live.
Peach, Linden. Angela Carter. St Martin’s Press.
To Peach, ACmay...
Literary responses Angela Carter
Anthony Burgess praised AC for doing something in this novel which she did in later ones as well: looking at the mess of contemporary life without flinching.
Lee, Alison. Angela Carter. Twayne.
Claire Harman points out surreal characters, the...
Literary responses Angela Carter
Carter herself called this book a juicy, overblown, exploding gothic lollipop.
Turner, Jenny. “A New Kind of Being”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 21, pp. 7-14.
Lorna Sage saw it as sceptically exploring Otherness, and demonstrating that escaping patriarchy does not mean escaping mythologies. Linden Peach commented that after...
Literary responses Angela Carter
Lorna Sage and Linden Peach both considered this book very useful as a context for reading AC 's fiction.
Peach, Linden. Angela Carter. St Martin’s Press.
Halio, Jay L., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 14. Gale Research.
14: 212
ForJenny Turner it has the whooshing energy of deep release and satisfaction...
Textual Features Angela Carter
AC 's extravagant fiction combines many genres, conventions, and styles, and she looks for the hidden realities behind appearances, paying particular attention to sexuality and women's eroticism. Critic Linden Peach sees important elements in her...
Textual Features Angela Carter
According to Linden Peach , intertextuality is a prominent feature of this novel, which is a rewriting of the Oedipus story most famously handled by Sophocles . Like Oedipus, Desiderio is instructed by his father...
Textual Features Angela Carter
According to Linden Peach , the writings of Bertolt Brecht and Mikhail Bakhtin influenced AC 's notions of theatre and the carnivalesque, which are central features of Nights at the Circus. However, Peach went...
Textual Features Angela Carter
The bloody chamber of the title suggests the locked room where Bluebeard's wife discovers the murdered bodies of her predecessors. The short stories and fairy tales in the collection figure women's healthy, animal lusts against...


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