Anthony Burgess

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Literary responses Anita Brookner
It was widely felt that her productivity (almost a novel a year) had the effect of lowering her valuation. Her quiet novels provoked some aggressive criticism, like that of Peter Kemp , or of Anthony Burgess
Literary responses Angela Carter
Anthony Burgess praised AC for doing something in this novel which she did in later ones as well: looking at the mess of contemporary life without flinching.
Lee, Alison. Angela Carter. Twayne.
Claire Harman points out surreal characters, the...
Literary responses Olivia Manning
The first series was praised by critics but was less than successful in terms of sales. OMbegan to feel that she was neglected as a serious novelist, a view shared by some contemporary writers...
Literary responses Olivia Manning
Notable amid a chorus of praise for the two trilogies which make up OM 's Fortunes of War (often from fellow writers) was Anthony Burgess . He admired the work's gallery of characters and places...
Literary responses Olivia Manning
She enjoyed the fact that alphabetical order placed her next in the queue of award-winners to the tv comics Morecambe and Wise. Lord Weidenfeld , who had recently become her publisher, gave a large party...
Literary responses Gwen Moffat
Anthony Burgess wrote of this book in The ObserverThe sense of time, space, and wilderness is admirably, sometimes piercingly conveyed.
Moffat, Gwen. The Storm Seekers. Secker and Warburg.
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Literary responses Laura Riding
LR always maintained she was uninterested in her reputation and would take no steps to assist it—though she did care that the record should be accurate, and to that end she wrote a lengthy article...
Literary responses Dorothy Whipple
Once published, Wednesday, and Other Stories was reviewed by a member of the new generation, Anthony Burgess , as illuminating and startling.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Reception Pamela Hansford Johnson
Despite her own claim that she would not regard it as a compliment to be told she was in the mainstream of the contemporary novel,
Johnson, Pamela Hansford. Important to Me. Macmillan; Scribner.
The Times placed her after her death in the...
Reception Kathleen Raine
KR declined the invitation of the Royal Society of Literature to become a Companion of Literature, saying the companionship had been cheapened by its award to the journalistsIris Murdoch and Anthony Burgess .
Watts, Janet. “Kathleen Raine”. The Guardian, p. 25.
Textual Features A. S. Byatt
Here Frederica, survivor of the Potter sisters in ASB 's first two novels, has become a narratologist. ASB set out to reverse here the things-not-imagery method of the novel's predecessor, and to make it a...


14 May 1962: Anthony Burgess made his name with the novel...

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14 May 1962

Anthony Burgess made his name with the novelA Clockwork Orange.


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