Robert I, King of Scots

Standard Name: Robert I,, King of Scots
Used Form: Robert Bruce
Used Form: Robert the Bruce


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Education Willa Muir
WM , a life-long student of languages, began her education in language early: by the age of four, she could speak Shetland, Montrose (that is, Scots English), and standard English. Later in life she learned...
Literary Setting Grace Aguilar
The Days of Bruce is a melodrama about Scotland's great deliverer, Robert Bruce . It traces the fate of fourteenth-century Scotland from its impotent rage that the tyrant Edward [should] exult in the possession...
Publishing Elizabeth Helme
A frontispiece to The History of Scotland shows the Countess of Buchan crowning Robert the Bruce king of the Scots.
Isabella, aunt of Duncan, Earl of Fife (who was also in English custody), in spite...
Publishing Felicia Hemans
FH 's poem The Meeting of Wallace and Bruce on the Banks of the Carron, which won a prize of £50, appeared in Blackwood's. It was later printed separately as Wallace's Invocation to Bruce, A Poem.
Hughes, Harriet Browne Owen, and Felicia Hemans. “Memoir of Mrs. Hemans”. The Works of Mrs. Hemans, W. Blackwood, pp. 1-315.
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Features Adelaide O'Keeffe
AOK sets the personal story of her narrator into a context of fictionalised history (featuring the struggles of Scotland as well as Wales to resist English dominance). She even makes the fate of her protagonist...
Textual Features Florence Dixie
The poems represent several distinct genres: heroic historical poems, like The Death of Robespierre, a tale of Nigel Bruce (brother of Robert the Bruce ), and a death-song for another Scots hero, Wallace ...


23-24 June 1314: The English attempt to conquer Scotland was...

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23-24 June 1314

The English attempt to conquer Scotland was fought off by Scottish forces under Robert Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn near Stirling.

1838: Miss Gordon in A Guide to the Genealogical...

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Miss Gordon in A Guide to the Genealogical Chart of English and Scottish History, published this year, set out to prove Queen Victoria 's Scottish ancestry.


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