Adelaide O'Keeffe

Standard Name: O'Keeffe, Adelaide
Birth Name: Adelaide D. O'Keeffe
Self-constructed Name: Miss O'Keeffe
AOK was first heard of by name in 1804 as a writer of highly successful verse for children; she had already in all probability edited her father 's dramatic works. She went on to do distinguished and unusual work of her own as novelist, writer of biblical paraphrase, and author of instructive works (particularly on history and geography), as well as editing her father's plays.


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Reception Anne Grant
The pension was granted following the petition of Sir Walter Scott (who had praised her writing at the end of Waverley),
Perkins, Pamela. “Anne Grant and the Professionalization of Privacy”. Authorship, Commerce and the Public: Scenes of Writing, 1750-1850, edited by Emma Clery et al., Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 29-43.
Francis Jeffrey , Henry Mackenzie , and others. At first AG rejected...
Textual Production Ann Taylor Gilbert
Jane and Ann Taylor , with Adelaide O'Keeffe and others, as Several Young Persons, published their phenomenally successful collection, Original Poems for Infant Minds.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
3d ser. 6 (1805): 333
Wealth and Poverty Anne Grant
Sir Walter Scott , predicting on her first refusal that she would later eat her words, observed sharply that she was as proud as a Highland woman, vain as a poetess, and absurd as a...


After 1 February 1785: M. Peddle (a gifted, little-known, Evangelical...

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After 1 February 1785

M. Peddle (a gifted, little-known, Evangelical woman of Yeovil in Somerset, who later issued a conduct book under the name of Cornelia) published a biblical paraphrase in novelistic style: The Life of Jacob.


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