Herbert John, Viscount Gladstone

Standard Name: Gladstone, Herbert John,,, Viscount
Used Form: Lord Gladstone


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Material Conditions of Writing Constance Lytton
Condemned to Holloway Prison for her part in a suffrage demonstration and finding that her class status singled her out for favouritism, CL exercised her right as a prisoner to petition the Home Secretary...
politics Constance Lytton
She attended a preparatory meeting at Queen's Hall on Monday the 12th, and offered her services the next day to the leaders, Emmeline Pankhurst , Christabel Pankhurst , and Flora Drummond . They asked her...
politics Constance Lytton
The Times's interpretation of their response is not borne out by CL 's own later accounts of the incident. In connection with this group arrest and the furore that followed, the Home Secretary, Herbert John Gladstone
politics Constance Lytton
On her release, CL 's next project was to turn her experience to good account for the suffrage cause by seeking an official enquiry into practices at Walton Gaol .
Lytton, Constance. Prisons and Prisoners. Heinemann.
251, 299
She had a...


18 September 1909: Women's Social and Political Union members...

National or international item

18 September 1909

Women's Social and Political Union members Mary Leigh and Charlotte Marsh , imprisoned in Winson Green , Birmingham, began fasting; they were ordered by Home Secretary Herbert Gladstone to be forcibly fed.

May 1919: The Committee on Recruitment in the Civil...

Building item

May 1919

The Committee on Recruitment in the Civil Service , chaired by Lord Gladstone , concluded that women are apt to fall behind as the work became more responsible or complex . . . Women do...


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