Walton Gaol


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politics Constance Lytton
CL , attending a Liverpool suffrage demonstration outside Walton Gaol in Liverpool, broke the prison governor's windows, and when arrested identified herself as Miss Jane Warton, a working seamstress.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(24 January 1910): 4
politics Constance Lytton
She was motivated by several cases of brutal treatment of ordinary suffragists in prison, and by an exchange she had on this subject with Mary Gawthorpe . Her idea was to test the difference in...
politics Constance Lytton
On her release, CL 's next project was to turn her experience to good account for the suffrage cause by seeking an official enquiry into practices at Walton Gaol .
Lytton, Constance. Prisons and Prisoners. Heinemann.
251, 299
She had a...
Textual Production Constance Lytton
CL spoke at a mass meeting at Queen's Hall in London about her recent imprisonment, hunger strike, and force feeding by authorities at Walton prison in Liverpool, who took her for a working-class woman,...
Violence Constance Lytton
Having been sentenced to fourteen days in Walton Gaol , Liverpool, with hard labour (with the option of a fine), CL went on hunger strike. Nobody tested her heart or felt her pulse when...


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