Charlotte Marsh

Standard Name: Marsh, Charlotte


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politics Constance Lytton
Watching the prisoners exercising in the yard, helpless and useless like beads disconnected from a necklace, CL had imagined them threaded together by means of the women's movement into a great organised band, a co-ordinated...


18 September 1909
Women's Social and Political Union members Mary Leigh and Charlotte Marsh , imprisoned in Winson Green , Birmingham, began fasting; they were ordered by Home Secretary Herbert Gladstone to be forcibly fed.
17 June 1911
The Women's Coronation Procession was attended by 40,000 women from at least twenty-eight women's suffrage organisations, including both the Women's Social and Political Union and the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies .
August 1916
The Independent Suffragette began monthly publication in London.
July 1918
The monthly Independent Suffragette ceased publication in London.