Clara Pater

Standard Name: Pater, Clara


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Family and Intimate relationships Walter Pater
WP was particularly close to his unmarried sisters. Both women were accomplished in their own right. The elder sister, Hester , became known as a talented embroiderer and friend to Mary Augusta Ward and Virginia Woolf
Friends, Associates A. Mary F. Robinson
In June 1881 Vernon Lee stayed with AMFR 's family in London. The next month the friends visited Oxford with Mary's sister Mabel . Their Oxford social life included attending a dinner party hosted by...
Instructor Virginia Woolf
Virginia Stephen (later VW ) began attending Latin classes taught by Clara Pater (sister of Walter ). They began on Greek in 1899, and it seems that the following year Virginia switched to private lessons.
Meisel, Perry. The Absent Father: Virginia Woolf and Walter Pater. Yale University Press.
17 andn25
Leisure and Society Emilie Barrington
After her sister Eliza bought the house in Melbury Road, EB hosted afternoon salons there (which, however, a commentator calls undistinguished
Westwater, Martha. The Wilson Sisters. Ohio University Press.
). In the 1890s, Hester and Clara Pater (sisters of Walter) were frequent...
Residence Walter Pater
Soon after the publication of Marius the Epicurean, WP and his sisters traded their Oxford home for London: for 12 Earl's Terrace, Kensington. Clara and WP frequently returned to Oxford, where they stayed...


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