Tom Stoppard

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Fictionalization Augusta Ada Byron
AAB has appeared as a central character in numerous literary works ranging from Disraeli 's novel Venetia, 1837, to Arthur C. Clarke 's The Ghost from the Grand Banks, 1990. In the world...
Literary responses Muriel Spark
The London theatre critics were scathing, with only two exceptions (though one of these, Harold Hobson , carried a lot of weight). Pamela Hansford Johnson trounced the play on the BBC 's radio programme The...
Textual Production Deborah Moggach
This novel, says DM , was inspired by a sub-Vermeer domestic-interior painting of 1660 which she bought at auction. The book was to be filmed in 2004 with a script by Tom Stoppard ...


11 April 1967: Tom Stoppard's first great stage success,...

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11 April 1967

Tom Stoppard 's first great stage success, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, had its professional debut at the National Theatre in London. A version had been seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival of...

January 1972: Tom Stoppard's comedy Jumpers opened at the...

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January 1972

Tom Stoppard 's comedyJumpers opened at the Old Vic Theatre in London during the three-year period during which the USA was sending astronauts to the moon.

13 April 1993: Tom Stoppard's Arcadia, a play whose action...

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13 April 1993

Tom Stoppard 's Arcadia, a play whose action is divided between the early nineteenth century and the present day, opened (after previews) at the National Theatre in London.


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