Cath Sharrock

Standard Name: Sharrock, Cath


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Reception Ann Hawkshaw
AH 's work has been sporadically reprinted. She is one of the poets included in Annie Hone 's 1891 collection The Children's Casket: Favourite Poems for Recitation, along with Jean Ingelow , Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Reception Laurence Hope
Despite her immense popularity during her lifetime, LH has not benefited as much as other forgotten poets from the resurgence of attention to women's writing. Her work is not included in the major recent anthologies...
Reception Constance Naden
Recently her writing has been included in Victorian Women Poets: an Anthology, edited by Margaret Reynolds and Angela Leighton , 1995; in Nineteenth-Century Women Poets: An Oxford Anthology, edited by Isobel Armstrong ,...
Residence May Kendall
Not much is known about MK 's life in the twentieth century. According to Isobel Armstrong , Joseph Bristow , and Cath Sharrock in Nineteenth-Century Women Poets: An Oxford Anthology, she was quite eccentric...


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Armstrong, Isobel et al., editors. Nineteenth-Century Women Poets. Clarendon Press, 1996.