Paul Nash

Standard Name: Nash, Paul


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Education Dora Carrington
Critic Jane Hill notes that though Carrington entered the Slade at a remarkable period in its own history (Henry Tonks called it a second, and last, crisis of brilliance)
Birne, Eleanor. “At Dulwich Picture Gallery”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 17, p. 37.
and in that of...
Friends, Associates Mary Renault
In London MR met the actor Leslie French , who provided an entrée into the world of theatre. Another close and influential friend was a doctor, Robbie Wilson , who appeared at MR 's and...
Occupation Roger Fry
The group or co-operative, inspired by French art, took as its purpose the development of English painting. It attracted young artists, especially those interested in Post-Impressionism. Members included Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and Paul Nash . It...
Publishing Judith Kazantzis
A second edition was published at Warwick by Greville Press in 1988, with an added preface by JK and a cover design by Paul Nash .
“Judith Kazantzis First Editions”. Ash Rare Books.
Textual Features Pat Barker
The story begins with the ambitions and emotional entanglements of a small group of Slade School of Art students (two men, Paul Tarrant and the precocious success Kit Neville, and one strikingly talented woman, Elinor...


1933: Sculptor Barbara Hepworth was the only female...

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Sculptor Barbara Hepworth was the only female member of the shortlived artistic movement Unit One, which was formed in this year by Paul Nash .

1935: The Artists International Association (established...

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The Artists International Association (established 1933) gave an exhibition entitled Artists against Fascism and War in Soho Square, London. The works of artists Henry Moore , Paul Nash and Robert Medley , among others, were shown.

11 June-4 July 1936: The International Surrealist Exhibition was...

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11 June-4 July 1936

The International Surrealist Exhibition was held in the New Burlington Galleries , London. English painter Eileen Agar 's work was chosen to be shown alongside her fellow surrealists such as Paul Nash and Henry Moore .

1941: Artist Paul Nash painted air-war pictures...

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Artist Paul Nash painted air-war pictures such as Bombers over Berlin.


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