Dame Barbara Hepworth

Standard Name: Hepworth, Dame Barbara


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Publishing Kathleen Raine
KR published her first volume of poetry, Stone and Flower: Poems, 1935-1943, illustrated by Barbara Hepworth .
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20: 288
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2162 (10 July 1943): 332
Textual Features Deborah Levy
The book and one of the chapters are headed with epigraphs, from Marguerite Duras and Elena Ferrante . Other writers or artists who are referred or appealed to include Emily Dickinson , James Baldwin ...
Textual Features Ali Smith
As its predecessor was related to Pauline Boty, and in keeping with Smith's penchant for dialogue with both high art and ephemera, Winter establishes a relation with the sculpture of Barbara Hepworth .
Armitstead, Claire. “Ali Smith, Interview”. theguardian.com.
Travel Fay Weldon
With both her children off her hands, FW 's mother moved to St Ives in Cornwall, to make a single life in what was then the centre of the St Ives Group of artists...


1933: Sculptor Barbara Hepworth was the only female...

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Sculptor Barbara Hepworth was the only female member of the shortlived artistic movement Unit One, which was formed in this year by Paul Nash .


Raine, Kathleen, and Dame Barbara Hepworth. Stone and Flower: Poems, 1935-1943. Nicholson and Watson, 1943.