Marjorie Hope Nicolson

Standard Name: Nicolson, Marjorie Hope


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Education Anne Conway
ACunfortunately left no comment on her early education.
Conway, Anne et al. The Conway Letters. Editor Hutton, Sarah, Clarendon Press.
It used to be believed that she had tutors, but it is quite possible that she largely taught herself, from books, French, Latin, Greek, and...
Family and Intimate relationships Brilliana, Lady Harley
BLH 's brother, later Edward, second Viscount Conway (who died in 1684), became the father-in-law and friend of the philosopher Anne Conway .
George, Margaret. Women in the First Capitalist Society. University of Illinois Press.
Scholar Margaret George says Marjorie Hope Nicolson , editor of The...
Friends, Associates Anne Conway
The scholar and traveller François Mercure Van Helmont had arrived at Ragley, where he came as physician to AC , and stayed to live as her protégé.
According to Marjorie Hope Nicolson , he...
Friends, Associates Anne Conway
Anne Finch (later AC ) became a friend and correspondent of the philosopher Henry More , whom she probably met through her elder half-brother, John, who had been his student at Cambridge. More was a...
Literary responses Anne Conway
Marjorie Hope Nicolson wrote in 1930 that ACwent even farther than the men of her generation in her grasp of the significance of certain fundamental aspects of modern thought, and likened her to Hildegarde von Bingen
Publishing Anne Conway
This correspondence is just part of a large haul discovered by Horace Walpole in August 1758, lying around disregarded at Ragley Hall, partly rotten and partly gnawed by rats. Walpole rescued the collection and...


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