Hildegarde of Bingen

Standard Name: Hildegarde of Bingen
Birth Name: Hildegard
Religious Name: Hildegard of Bingen
Hildegarde of Bingen was a wide-ranging medieval author. She wrote medical texts, a liturgical play, poetry, songs, biblical commentaries, and hagiographies. Her collected correspondence includes letters to many influential people of her time as well as letters to anonymous parishoners. Apart from the fame of her musical compositions, she is best known for her religious visions, which she described and explicated in a series of three books.


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Intertextuality and Influence Evelyn Underhill
Mysticism aims at nothing less than providing a comprehensive description, a philosophical analysis, and also . . . a justification of these experiences, regardless of the specific cultural and historical moments in which they occur...
Literary responses Anne Conway
Marjorie Hope Nicolson wrote in 1930 that ACwent even farther than the men of her generation in her grasp of the significance of certain fundamental aspects of modern thought, and likened her to Hildegarde von Bingen
Publishing Monica Furlong
The dustjacket features Hildegarde of Bingen . A quotation from St Paul which Furlong had used before (Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak...
Textual Features Caroline Frances Cornwallis
Just as her seventh book, Christian Doctrine and Practice in the Second Century, made use of the writings of Clement of Alexandria , so this one takes St Bernard (a correspondent of Hildegarde of Bingen
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marina Warner
The book encompasses an extensive range of women's images that throughout history have appeared in English and European art and architecture. These representations include the Statue of Liberty, Hildegarde of Bingen 's Sapientia, Margaret Thatcher


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