John Joseph Stockdale

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Education Harriette Wilson
Later, at school in London, she says she again learned nothing.
Wilson, Harriette. Clara Gazul. J. J. Stockdale.
At this school or another she was a fellow-pupil of the future writer Mary Stockdale , whose brother (by then a shrewd commercial...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Stockdale
MS 's brother John Joseph Stockdale , son and nephew of publishers, set up his own publishing firm in the West End of London, at 41 Pall Mall.
Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan’s Revenge. Faber.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Stockdale
Both of Mary's brothers, John Joseph and William , also went into publishing.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
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Intertextuality and Influence Grace Aguilar
One of her source texts was John Stockdale 's The History of the Inquisition, which like other English books on the topic was more concerned to demonstrate the dangers of Catholicism than the plight...
Publishing Harriette Wilson
HW began, with the first instalment, to issue her Memoirs through John Joseph Stockdale : four volumes followed the more numerous, briefer instalments.
Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan’s Revenge. Faber.
Publishing Harriette Wilson
HW (or her publisher Stockdale ) expanded her Memoirs into an 8-volume edition, with new material by herself and others, and an index.
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Harriette Wilson
In about 1822 HW composed a work she called Sketches in the Round Room at the Opera House (a kind of dry run for her Memoirs), which depicts her former lovers under disguised names:...
Publishing Harriette Wilson
The most important difference between the Memoirs of Harriette Wilson and their predecessors, the Sketches, was that the Memoirs were to give names in full. The contract between HW and Stockdale stipulated that he...
Publishing Harriette Wilson
A question-mark hangs over HW 's entire authorship of the Memoirs (and of her later publications). In her preface to Clara Gazul she herself says that much in the Memoirs is not authentic, but was...
Publishing Harriette Wilson
She said she wrote it in eight days.
Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan’s Revenge. Faber.
Chawton House Library has a copy of the first edition, available at A second edition followed the same year and one from the Navarre Society
Reception Mary Stockdale
About this time MS 's brother printed derogatory comments about her, which did not spare her writing.
Reception Harriette Wilson
The Memoirs immediately produced extraordinary sensations in fashionable life,
Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan’s Revenge. Faber.
with anguished responses from ex-lovers and moralists, as well as from people in the book trade and people in HW 's own sex trade. Crowds...
Textual Features Mary Stockdale
The autobiography is uninformative and self-approving. A patriotic poem on the king's Jubilee celebrates England as a land of happy peasants, as against the whole countries deluged with the blood of man elsewhere in Europe...
Textual Production Percy Bysshe Shelley
His second work of fiction, St Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian: A Romance (published by John Joseph Stockdale , brother of the poet and miscellaneous writer Mary Stockdale ), presumably appeared in print before 25 March...
Textual Production Percy Bysshe Shelley
PBS published his first book of lyric, gothic, and narrative verse, Original Poetry (written jointly with his sister Elizabeth ) in 1810 at Worthing. It was hastily withdrawn when the publisher, Stockdale , discerned...


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