Mary Stockdale

Standard Name: Stockdale, Mary
Birth Name: Mary Ridgway Stockdale
Pseudonym: Miss S.
Indexed Name: Miss Stockdale
In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century MS (daughter and sister of publishers, and a publisher herself) issued two collections of poetry (one including a short autobiography), besides individual poems, and several books for children, one of them translated.


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Education Harriette Wilson
Later, at school in London, she says she again learned nothing.
Wilson, Harriette. Clara Gazul. J. J. Stockdale.
At this school or another she was a fellow-pupil of the future writer Mary Stockdale , whose brother (by then a shrewd commercial...
Textual Production Felicia Hemans
These were collected in her next volume, Translations. Hemans joined a number of other women who had lamented the death of the princess in childbirth on 6 November 1817: Margaret Croker , Susanna Watts
Textual Production Charlotte Nooth
His De la littérature des Nègres in its original form reflects internationalism, anglophilia, and perhaps even proto-feminism. The title-page quotes Mary Robinson . The roll of honour of white activists for abolition and racial equality...
Textual Production Percy Bysshe Shelley
His second work of fiction, St Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian: A Romance (published by John Joseph Stockdale , brother of the poet and miscellaneous writer Mary Stockdale ), presumably appeared in print before 25 March...


6 November 1817: Princess Charlotte died at 2.30 a.m. after...

National or international item

6 November 1817

Princess Charlotte died at 2.30 a.m. after delivering a stillborn son. Poor clinical judgement was to blame; intense national mourning and controversy followed.


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