Dale Spender

Standard Name: Spender, Dale


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Anthologization Julia Kristeva
First translated into English in Signs in autumn 1981, it was assigned to the final position (in Alice Jardine 's and Harry Blake 's version) in The Feminist Reader: Essays in Gender and the Politics...
Anthologization Ann Oakley
The many other texts that AO published during this decade include an Open University course entitled The Division of Labour by Gender, 1981, and her biographical article on Millicent Garrett Fawcett for Dale Spender
Anthologization Rebecca West
Through the 1920s and 30s she published many articles, letters, and reviews in Time and Tide. She wrote on feminist subjects such as the Six Point Group (9 February 1923) and The Freewoman (16...
Anthologization Jessie Boucherett
In 1884 Theodore Stanton included The Industrial Movement by JB in his anthology of essays entitled The Woman Question in Europe.
Stone, James S. Emily Faithfull: Victorian Champion of Women’s Rights. P. D. Meany, 1994.
Another of her essays, Endowed Schools: Their Uses and Shortcomings, 1862...
Anthologization Margaret Catchpole
Her surviving letters went to the SuffolkRecord Office with unpublished papers of Harold Lingwood ; eleven letters are known and many have probably not survived.
Barber, Richard, and Richard Cobbold. “The Real Margaret Catchpole”. The History of Margaret Catchpole, a Suffolk Girl, Boydell Press, 1979, p. x - xviii.
x, xvi
A microfilm including MC 's confession and...
Anthologization Margaret Drabble
Along with her novels MD has regularly published short stories. She edited a collection of such stories, An Anthology, in 1976.
Stovel, Nora Foster. “Introduction to Margaret Drabble”. Persuasions, p. 74.
The Reunion, which first appeared in Women Writing, ed. Denys...
Literary responses Louisa Anne Meredith
Critic Dale Spender , however, has celebrated her as a writer: it is the wit and the entertainment value of her writing which help to capture some of the (often incongruous) elements of early colonial...
Literary responses Christabel Pankhurst
Nearly twenty years later Sylvia Pankhurst accused this book of sensationalism and of preaching the sex war deprecated and denied by the older Suffragists.
Purvis, June, and Maureen Wright. “Writing Suffragette History: the contending autobiographical narratives of the Pankhursts”. Women’s History Review, No. 3/4, pp. 405 - 33.
In the later twentieth century it was dismissed by a...
Reception Louisa Anne Meredith
Critic Dale Spender comments on the extent to which LAM advocates that the British adapt to the Australian environment, for instance by serving locally caught fish rather than preserved ones at dinner parties. She also...
Reception Elinor Mordaunt
Dale Spender aroused some new attention to EM as a travel writer through her Writing a New World: Two Centuries of Australian Women Writers, 1988, but there seems as yet to be no revival...
Reception Evelyn Glover
Miss Appleyard's Awakening has been reprinted in Julie Holledge 's Innocent Flowers: Women in the Edwardian Theatre (1981) and in Dale Spender 's collection of suffrage plays, How the Vote Was Won, and Other Suffragette Plays (1985).
Textual Production Germaine Greer
In 2013 GG sold her archives (student notes and essays, scripts for the CambridgeFootlights Society , literary and scholarly manuscripts, diaries, a handmade book designed for her friend Gay Clifford , and professional and...
Textual Production Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
In Miss Robins' Book, MHVR did not share Robins's view that sex-antagonism
Spender, Dale. Time and Tide Wait for No Man. Pandora Press, 1984.
was the result of male vilification and obstruction of women's rights to policy-making power. She agreed that equal co-operation has not...
Textual Production Dora Russell
DR published The Religion of the Machine Age, a polemic she had begun writing in 1922. In December appeared The Dora Russell Reader: Fifty-Seven Years of Writing and Journalism, 1925-1982 (foreword by Dale Spender


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