Elinor Mordaunt

Standard Name: Mordaunt, Elinor
Birth Name: Evelyn May Clowes
Married Name: Evelyn May Wiehe
Married Name: Evelyn May Bowles
Pseudonym: Elinor Mordaunt
Indexed Name: Eleanor Mordaunt
Pseudonym: John Heron
Pseudonym: A. Riposte
Beginning in the very early twentieth century, EM wrote and published more than fifty books, most of them popular novels but also including remarkable travel books as well as short stories, books for children, and an autobiography.


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Textual Production Mary Agnes Hamilton
The title of Mary Agnes Hamilton 's fourth novel, Full Circle, was one also chosen by many other writers, including Elinor Mordaunt in 1931.
Carswell, Donald. “New Books and Reprints: Fiction”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 937, p. 10.
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