John Campbell, second Duke of Argyll

Standard Name: Argyll, John Campbell,,, second Duke of
Used Form: Duke of Argyll


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Dedications Elizabeth Boyd
She dedicated it to her patron Lady Hertford . The British Library copy is 12604 ccc. 7. Harvard University holds the only known copy of an undated set of subscription proposals, which is headed Any...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Boyd
She nevertheless accumulated a remarkable list of patrons for someone without obvious connections or advantages. She mentions real interest taken in her and her writing by John, second Duke of Argyll , William Stanhope, Earl of Harrington
politics Mary, Countess Cowper
The Whig party underwent various travails during MCC 's time in politics. In December 1716 and April 1717, when Lord Townshend (brother-in-law of Robert Walpole ) was dismissed first from one and then from another...
Publishing Lady Louisa Stuart
LLS 's Some Account of John, Duke of Argyll , and his Family was posthumously printed for private circulation at London by Clowes in 1863, and in the memoirs of Lady Mary Coke (Argyll's youngest...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Sarah, Lady Piers
But she moves on from celebration to warning: the human race is fallen, and a ruler needs to guard against ambition (This second Paradise, oh hazard not),
Sarah, Lady Piers,. George for Britain. A Poem. Bernard Lintott.
faction, and rebellion (imaged as...


13 November 1715: The Duke of Argyll fought the rebellious...

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13 November 1715

The Duke of Argyll fought the rebellious Jacobite forces at Sheriffmuir in Scotland.

Around late February 1742: A woman named Margaret Ogle published, with...

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Around late February 1742

A woman named Margaret Ogle published, with her name, two versesatires on Walpole's fall from power: Mordecai Triumphant, or, the Fall of Haman prime minister of state to King Ahasuerus: an heroic poem and The...


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