Standard Name: Muhammad
Used Form: Mahomet
Used Form: Mahoma


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Intertextuality and Influence Lady Hester Pulter
LHP 's source appears to be the romance titled The Life and Death of Muhammad, 1637, which until recently was ascribed to Sir Walter Raleigh . The Unfortunate Florinda traces the motive for the...
politics Mary Fisher
The reception in Izmir of MF and her associates shows that Quakers were as unacceptable to the English establishment abroad as at home. Her celebrated audience with Mehmet IV was reported in print a few...
Textual Features May Crommelin
In a preface MC remarks on the difficulties, for Western women, of penetrat[ing] into the secluded lives of their Eastern sisters. In a tone sympathetic to Islam and not condemning the harem system, she thanks...
Textual Features A. Mary F. Robinson
The romantic ballad Captain Gold and French Janet gives an account of an army officer's search for his lost love, the little serving-lass I stole / From the mountains of Savoy.
Robinson, A. Mary F. Retrospect and Other Poems. T. Fisher Unwin.
Although he...
Textual Features Flora Annie Steel
The five rivers of Punjab (now divided between India and Pakistan) and their irrigation system make up a constant background to these stories. Among them Shurfu the Zaildar is a tale of local cattle...
Textual Production Sarah, Lady Cowper
Further commonplace-book volumes compiled by SLC include excerpts from the Bible and from moral authors (among whom Plutarch is prominent), her own bible commentary (begun in May 1700), a volume of prayers, meditations, an index...
Textual Production Jan Morris
The Hashemite Kings, the third book about the Middle East by JM , was the history of a complicated dynasty claiming descent from the Prophet Muhammad .
Johns, Derek. Ariel. A Literary Life of Jan Morris. Faber and Faber.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
2997 (7 August 1959): 464
Textual Production Evelyn Underhill
In a letter she wrote in December 1892, on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, she assesses the religious and other opinions she held during a period of her life that was about to close...


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