Lady Eleanor Butler

Standard Name: Butler, Lady Eleanor
Birth Name: Eleanor Butler
Styled: Lady Eleanor Butler
One of the two renowned Ladies of Llangollen, LEB produced life-writing (diaries, letters, and some poems) during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, which structured, recorded, and celebrated their shared way of life. Today the writing of her partner, Sarah Ponsonby , is also receiving attention.


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Textual Production Hannah More
Mary Ann Burges 's anonymous The Progress of Pilgrim Good-Intent, in Jacobinical Times was widely supposed (for instance by Hester Piozzi and Lady Eleanor Butler ) to be by Hannah More .
Piozzi, Hester Lynch. The Piozzi Letters. Editors Bloom, Edward A. and Lillian D. Bloom, University of Delaware Press; Associated University Presses.
3: 186-7 and n
Textual Production Winifred Maxwell, Countess of Nithsdale
She told her sister that noe body but your selfe could have obtain'd [this] from me, for whom my obligations has imposed me a law of never refusing any that lys in my power. You...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Judith Kazantzis
It includes poems reflecting her experience of winters spent at Key West, Florida, USA, and a tribute to the Ladies of Llangollen (Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby ).
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Eva Mary Bell
EMB 's foreword and her comment on her material is brief. She makes skilful use of letters and diaries, not only those of this famous pair but of their friends and supporters Mrs Lucy Goddard
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Matilda Betham
Here already MMB evinces her interest in women's literary history: her topics include praise for writers including Ann Radcliffe and the Ladies of Llangollen (Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby ). One of the...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text E. Owens Blackburne
EOB 's preface also singles out what she claims to be an original account of the true
Blackburne, E. Owens. Illustrious Irishwomen. Tinsley Brothers.
I: viii
history of the Ladies of Llangollen, Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby . While she...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Colette
Colette imagines the Ladies of Llangollen (Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby , born during the eighteenth century) living among twentieth-century accoutrements like cars, cigarettes, and crossword puzzles.
Mavor, Elizabeth. The Ladies of Llangollen. Penguin.
They move in the same...
Travel Anna Seward
AS first visited Llangollen, home of Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby . She stayed some weeks, though by the end of September she was writing to tell them about her journey home.
Wordsworth, Jonathan. The Bright Work Grows: Women Writers of the Romantic Age. Woodstock Books.
Travel Harriet Lee
HL and Anna, her youngest sister, spent several weeks travelling in Wales: one of their ports of call was Llangollen.
Editor April Alliston is not certain whether or not they visited Lady Eleanor Butler
Travel Anne Lister
AL visited Plas Newydd at Llangollen in Wales, hoping to meet Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby .
Lister, Anne. I Know My Own Heart. Editor Whitbread, Helena, New York University Press.
Travel Henrietta Maria Bowdler
HMB rented a cottage in the village of Llangollen in Denbighshire, to be near her friends Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby .
Mavor, Elizabeth. The Ladies of Llangollen. Penguin.
Travel Jane Loudon
JL did not entirely give up travelling as a widow. She took her daughter to the south of France in summer 1845, and to Birmingham, Derby, and Chatsworth in 1849.
Howe, Bea. Lady with Green Fingers. Country Life.
95, 106-7
Travel Mary Brunton
On this occasion they went to the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Brighton (the consummation of deformity).
Brunton, Mary. Emmeline. Manners and Miller; John Murray.
Leaving London without intention of returning, on 25 July 1815, she demanded rhetorically:...
Travel Sarah Harriet Burney
A high point in this job was a tour in late autumn 1805, from her employers' country seat (Delamere Lodge, near Northwich, Cheshire) through Wales. A high point in the tour was...


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