Rammohun Roy

Standard Name: Roy, Rammohun


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Cultural formation Mary Carpenter
Another formative event for MC was becoming acquainted in 1833 with the Rajah Rammohun Roy (a religious thinker who aimed to modernize the Hindu religion, changing it from polytheism to monotheism), who filled her with...
Friends, Associates Mary Carpenter
Both Rammohun Roy and Joseph Tuckerman exerted significant influence on her, and she wrote a memoir of each after his death.
politics Mary Carpenter
With the support of Keshub Chandra Sen (leader of the Hindu religious organization Brahmo Samaj , brainchild of her friend Rammohun Roy ), Mary Carpenter founded the National Indian Associationto spread knowledge of India...
Publishing Mary Carpenter
MC commemorated another friend and fellow activist with a biography: The Last Days in England of the Rajah Rammohun Roy, published by Trübner and Co. at both London and Calcutta.
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Textual Production Mary Carpenter
Tuckerman (1778 - 20 April 1840) was a Unitarian minister whose work among Boston's poorest earned him the title of the father of American social work. A lifelong friend of William Ellery Channing , he...


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