Joseph Tuckerman

Standard Name: Tuckerman, Joseph


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Cultural formation Mary Carpenter
Another formative event for MC was becoming acquainted in 1833 with the Rajah Rammohun Roy (a religious thinker who aimed to modernize the Hindu religion, changing it from polytheism to monotheism), who filled her with...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Carpenter
MC 's father, Lant Carpenter died in mysterious circumstances at sea, going overboard from a ship off the coast of Europe. Her friend Joseph Tuckerman also died within a couple of weeks of this event.
Carpenter, J. Estlin. The Life and Work of Mary Carpenter. MacMillan and Co.
Friends, Associates Mary Carpenter
Both Rammohun Roy and Joseph Tuckerman exerted significant influence on her, and she wrote a memoir of each after his death.
Health Mary Carpenter
In the years 1834 and 1835, several of MC 's friends and relatives died within quick succession, and she herself fell into a deep depression that continued, in varying degrees of severity, for the next...
Occupation Mary Carpenter
MC engaged in her first act of philanthropy by establishing the Working and Visiting Society , centred around the slums of Lewin's Mead in Bristol, which was inspired by Tuckerman 's work of a...
Textual Features Mary Carpenter
MC here investigates the causes of juvenile crime, and the home conditions and the parents (thieves, vagabonds, drunks) that turn young people into criminals. She gives space specifically to girls as well s to boys...
Textual Production Mary Carpenter
MC published for the Christian Tract Society her Memoir of Joseph Tuckerman , D.D., of Boston (U.S.); it was quickly reprinted in the USA.
Carpenter, J. Estlin. The Life and Work of Mary Carpenter. MacMillan and Co.


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