James Ferrier

Standard Name: Ferrier, James


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Family and Intimate relationships Susan Ferrier
The first important position of James Ferrier , SF 's father, was as Writer to the Signet. Later he was appointed Principal Clerk of Session and became estate manager to the Duke of Argyll ...
Friends, Associates Susan Ferrier
SF and her father made a visit, which was her first, to Walter Scott at Ashistiel (his estate near Selkirk), when he was an eminent poet but not yet a novelist. They had stormy...
Literary responses Elizabeth Barrett Browning
But the anxiety evident in EBB 's preface about the reception of A Drama of Exile proved to be well founded. James Ferrier , the Blackwood's reviewer, regretted that she had ventured to tread...
Literary responses Susan Ferrier
Clavering urged SF not to alter (presumably not to tone down) her Lady McLaughlan portrait. The novel's immediate success was crucially boosted by the praise of Sir Walter Scott . SF read it aloud to...


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