Ronald Knox

Standard Name: Knox, Ronald
Used Form: Father Ronald Knox


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Cultural formation G. B. Stern
She spent her first Christmas as a Catholic with Sheila Kaye-Smith and her husband, T. Penrose Fry , and attended Midnight Mass in the church they had built in their fields, with German prisoners of...
Family and Intimate relationships Penelope Fitzgerald
PF 's paternal uncles were a remarkable group. Ronald , famous as Father Ronald Knox, was a Roman Catholic convert and Biblical scholar. Wilfred Knox , also a respected Biblical scholar, was an Anglican priest....
Family and Intimate relationships Winifred Peck
Winifred's youngest brother, Ronald Knox born in 1888, became probably the best-known of the family as a Roman Catholic Cardinal, as well as a writer both of religious works and of detective stories.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
under Ronald Arbuthnott Knox
Intertextuality and Influence Angela Thirkell
With Summer Half, 1937, AT first committed herself whole-heartedly to Barsetshire.
Strickland, Margot. Angela Thirkell: Portrait of a Lady Novelist. Duckworth.
It was her second novel to be set there, and her biographer Margot Strickland believes that she may have been influenced by...
Reception G. B. Stern
It seems to be No Son of Mine which she calls the best I had ever written or [was] ever likely to write, but which a professional critic impugned in a private letter calling it...
Textual Production Agatha Christie
Others contributors included Sayers herself, Anthony Berkeley , E. C. Bentley , and Ronald Knox . Each author's segment dovetailed into the next, but more often than not their idiosyncratic styles threatened the serial's coherence....
Textual Production Penelope Fitzgerald
PF published her second biographical study, The Knox Brothers, about her father, E. V. Knox , and his brothers, the Catholic theologian Ronald Knox , Anglican theologian Wilfred Knox , and classicist Dillwyn Knox .
British Book News. British Council.
(1977): August insert
Harvey-Wood, Harriet. “Penelope Fitzgerald”. The Guardian, p. 22.
Textual Production Kathleen Nott
KN published A Soul in the Quad, a philosophical (and in part literary) monograph titled from Ronald Knox 's verse comment on the famous controversy about whether or not material objects exist if there...
Textual Production Evelyn Waugh
EW 's biography of Monsignor Ronald Knox was an act of piety and personal friendship.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
(9 October 1959): 569
Textual Production Evelyn Waugh
After EW 's book on Dante Gabriel Rossetti , which was connected with his early ambition to be an artist, came a number of biographically-oriented works which sprang from his Catholic faith. His lives of...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text G. B. Stern
She begins by quoting in its entirety Robert Browning 's poem entitled Memorabilia, which as she observes is better known by its opening line, Ah, did you once see Shelley plain?
Stern, G. B. . And did he stop and speak to you?. Henry Regnery.
She approaches...


16 January 1926: Father Ronald Knox created widespread alarm...

Building item

16 January 1926

Father Ronald Knox created widespread alarm with his broadcast of a fictitious report about a mob of unemployed workers who roasted a philanthropist alive.


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