Maurice McCullen

Standard Name: McCullen, Maurice


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Family and Intimate relationships E. M. Delafield
EMD 's mother, Elizabeth Lydia Rosabelle (Bonham) de la Pasture , was a popular and prolific novelist whose work was admired by writers as far-ranging as Ivy Compton-Burnett and Evelyn Waugh . She wrote to...
Literary responses E. M. Delafield
Nicola Beauman judges that EMD succeeds in speaking to two different kinds of readers here: those who share the heroine's views of marriage and those who recognize the element of satire in them.
Beauman, Nicola, and E. M. Delafield. “Introduction”. The Diary of a Provincial Lady, Rprt ed. , Virago Press, 1984, p. vii - xvii.
Maurice McCullen
Literary responses E. M. Delafield
Critic Maurice McCullen finds this to be EMD 's most psychological novel, and wrought with a structural ingenuity, a fuller use of imagery than usual in her fiction . . . and a complex characterization...
Material Conditions of Writing E. M. Delafield
This thirty-page pamphlet appeared while EMD was working for the Ministry of Information . Critic Maurice McCullen thinks it likely that the Ministry commissioned it as war propaganda to help secure the support of British...
Occupation E. M. Delafield
Critic Maurice McCullen speculates that because the Ministry has no official record of the visit and EMD 's friends do not recall what her activities were, she may have been working undercover. The Ministry also...
Textual Features E. M. Delafield
A resort hotel draws English tourists from a range of social backgrounds. According to critic Maurice McCullen , film technique appears to have influenced this book.
McCullen, Maurice. E. M. Delafield. Twayne, 1985.
Textual Production E. M. Delafield
A publisher's note stated coyly, This Anonymous novel of the years 1870-76 is something of a literary conundrum and will, we believe, cause much discussion. When it came to us the style seemed faintly familiar...


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