Saint Hilda

Standard Name: Hilda, Saint
Used Form: St Hilda


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Cultural formation Hrotsvit of Gandersheim
HG, a Roman Catholic nun, was a Saxon, that is in modern terms a German. However, the first English scholar to discover her, Laurence Humfrey in the sixteenth century, so much wanted her to be...
Material Conditions of Writing Monica Furlong
MF had told the story of this community (in which she had played a central role) in 2001 in The Ecumenical Review under the title The St Hilda Community—narrative of a group which supports female...
Textual Features Clara Reeve
Edwin or Eadwine, the Christian claimant to a contested kingdom, spent his youth in wandering, took his throne after fierce military struggle, ruled many years in peace, and died fighting against heavy odds in 633...


657: Saint Hilda became the first abbess of the...

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Saint Hilda became the first abbess of the double monastery of Whitby in Yorkshire.

17 November 680: Saint Hilda, Abbess of Whitby, died after...

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17 November 680

Saint Hilda , Abbess of Whitby, died after a lifetime of religious leadership whose high points included establishing a double monastery at Whitby in 657 and hosting the Synod of Whitby in 664.

February 1987: The St Hilda Community, activists for Anglican...

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February 1987

The St Hilda Community , activists for Anglican women's ordination, held its first Eucharist service in the student chapel of Queen Mary College , London, celebrated by an ordained American, Suzanne Fageol .


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