Charles Olson

Standard Name: Olson, Charles


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Friends, Associates Denise Levertov
In 1963, at a conference in Vancouver, there occurred the only meeting of all four of the poets who were regarded as leaders of the Black Mountain group: DL , Robert Duncan , Charles Olson
Intertextuality and Influence Adrienne Rich
The title of this volume is excerpted from American poet Charles Olson 's The Kingfishes.
Rich, Adrienne. The Will to Change. Norton.
Some of Rich's poems articulate the political meaning in personal experience, like The Burning of Paper Instead of...
Textual Production Elaine Feinstein
EF was editor of the first number of Prospect, a literary magazine published this winter at Cambridge University . She used her editorship (continued until the fifth issue) to introduce an American avant-garde influenced...
Textual Production Denise Levertov
She set a high rate of production over the next few years. In 1958 came both Five Poems (with illustrations by Jess Collins , the male partner of Robert Duncan ), published by White Rabbit Press


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