Peter Motteux

Standard Name: Motteux, Peter
Used Form: Peter Anthony Motteux


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Friends, Associates Mary Pix
MP 's wide circle of friends included her fellow female playwrights Delarivier Manley , Catharine Trotter , and Susanna Centlivre , as well as the poet Sarah Fyge and actresses Elizabeth Barry and Susannah Verbruggen
Material Conditions of Writing Mary Pix
It had played at Lincoln's Inn Fields about a month previously, with a prologue and epilogue by Peter Motteux (which refer to the hampering of the playwright by the movement for the reformation of the...
Publishing Mary Davys
A Mrs. Mary D. who published in Peter Motteux ' The Gentleman's Journal a 600-word tale entitled A Gift and no Gift may well have been MD .
Bayer, Gerd. “A Possible Early Publication by Mary Davys and Its Swiftian Afterglow”. Notes and Queries, Vol.
, pp. 194-7.
Textual Features Mary Pix
The last two acts incorporate two dialogue songs, by Durfey and Motteux , set to music by Eccles .
The London Stage 1660-1800. Southern Illinois University Press.
1: 488-9


January 1692-October 1694: Peter Anthony Motteux edited The Gentleman's...

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January 1692-October 1694

Peter Anthony Motteux edited The Gentleman's Diary; or, The Monthly Miscellany, which combined aspects of the almanac and the periodical, and aimed particularly at women readers.

October 1693: The Gentleman's Diary; or, The Monthly Miscellany...

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October 1693

The Gentleman's Diary; or, The Monthly Miscellany (edited by Motteux ) put out an issue devoted to women, entitled The Lady's Journal.


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