Richard Hughes

Standard Name: Hughes, Richard


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Friends, Associates Storm Jameson
Jameson met Romer Wilson , Charles Morgan , and J. W. N. Sullivan through her Knopf connections. By about 1924 she and Edith Sitwell had visited each other's homes. Jameson felt that in spite of...
Intertextuality and Influence E. M. Delafield
The diary abounds with references to contemporary literature, including several internal allusions to Time and Tide. The Provincial Lady engages in friendly rivalry over its competitions for readers and describes social encounters with the...
Reception Virginia Woolf
The first reviews of Mrs. Dalloway came out in the same month as those of The Common Reader (first series). Both the Western Mail and the Scotsman dismissed the novel as beyond the general reader...
Textual Production Bryony Lavery
BL 's numerous plays for radio include some original and some adapted from other works: Laying Ghosts, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Velma and Therese (a parallel version of the film Thelma and...
Textual Production Sylvia Townsend Warner
STW began writing poetry as a member of a group called the New Elizabethans, centred in Oxford and including Richard Hughes , Roy Campbell , and Ivor Gurney . Yeats was also a sympathiser.
Rattenbury, Arnold. “How the sanity of poets can be edited away”. London Review of Books, pp. 15-19.


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Williams-Ellis, Amabel et al. Headlong Down the Years. University Press, 1951.