Amy Catherine Wells

Standard Name: Wells, Amy Catherine
Used Form: Jane Wells
Used Form: Mrs H. G. Wells
Used Form: Amy Catherine Robbins


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth von Arnim
EA and H. G. Wells were lovers, though the relationship was strained: Jane Wells did not intend to divorce her husband, and it was during this time that he became involved with Rebecca West as...
Family and Intimate relationships Violet Hunt
VH had an affair with H. G. Wells while he was married to his second wife and also involved with author Dorothy Richardson .
Belford, Barbara. Violet. Simon and Schuster.
Friends, Associates Dorothy Richardson
Shortly moving back to London, DR contacted an old school friend, Amy Catherine Robbins (called Jane by her husband, H. G. Wells ), and began socialising with the couple at their home in Worcester...
Friends, Associates Ella Hepworth Dixon
Initial members of the Club included Sidney Low , Mrs H. G. Wells , Lady Mond (later Lady Melchett) , William Heinemann, May Sinclair , W. B. Yeats , Robert Ross , Gertrude Kinnell ,...
Material Conditions of Writing Dorothy Richardson
She found it difficult to write this novel because of the publishing difficulties over Oberland and the death of H. G. Wells 's wife Amy Catherine, Jane (a longtime friend and the model for one...
Textual Features Philip Larkin
The latter of these, discussing a book called H. G. Wells in Love, drew two strong statements from Larkin about sexual double standards. The first was that Wells's radical sexual conduct depended on the...
Textual Production Dorothy Richardson
The volume contains a selection of Richardson's approximately 1,800 surviving letters, dated from 1901. It includes her personal and professional letters to such correspondents as Bryher , H. D. , Sylvia Beach , Amy Catherine (Jane)


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