Christina, Queen of Sweden

Standard Name: Christina,, Queen of Sweden


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Characters Pam Gems
Structured along the lines of Brecht ian epic theatre, but filmic in many of its methods, PG 's drama presents a sequence of episodes from the life of the seventeenth-century Swedish ruler Queen Christina ....
Family and Intimate relationships May Edginton
Francis Baily was a novelist and one-time editor of Royal Magazine. It was in the context of the magazine that they met, as ME was one of its contributors. Baily was the author from...
Intertextuality and Influence Charlotte O'Conor Eccles
Some of her contributions are related (sometimes ironically or satirically related) to women's issues and the New Woman: Great Marriage Insurance Scheme, How Women Can Easily Make Provision for their Old Age...
Performance of text Pam Gems
The Royal Shakespeare Company first performed PG 's play Queen Christina, at their small Stratford theatre named The Other Place .
Demastes, William W., editor. British Playwrights, 1956-1995. Greenwood Press.
Wandor, Michelene, editor. Plays by Women: Volume Three. Methuen.
Publishing Sarah Waters
While she was working on her thesis, SW also produced several academic articles. A Girton Girl on a Throne: Queen Christina and Versions of Lesbianism, 1906-1933 appeared in Feminist Review in 1994, The Most...
Reception Anne Dacier
AD was publicly honoured for her scholarly career from its early days. The Academy of Padua in Italy elected her a member in 1679, and at about the same time Queen Christina of Sweden wooed...
Textual Features Natalie Clifford Barney
In L'amour défenduNCB defends the proposition that only love is important, not the sex to whom it is directed.
Barney, Natalie Clifford, and Karla Jay. A Perilous Advantage: The Best of Natalie Clifford Barney. Translator Anna Livia, New Victoria Publishers.
She argues that every person possesses both masculine and feminine principles: We should not...
Textual Production Barbara Cartland
Her other biographies include The Private Life of Elizabeth, Empress of Austria (1959), Diane de Poitiers (1962), and The Outrageous Queen: A Biography of Christina of Sweden (1977).
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Dorothea Celesia
Though the poem, in heroic couplets, turns at the end to praise of virtue, its notion of indolence is more positive than that of James Thomson in The Castle of Indolence, 1748. In leisurely...


1645: The government of Sweden began publication...

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The government of Sweden began publication of Post och Inrikes Tidningar (PoIT), considered to be the world's oldest newspaper still in circulation.

6 June 1654: Queen Christina abdicated from the throne...

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6 June 1654

Queen Christina abdicated from the throne of Sweden; crowned queen at the age of five in 1632, she was crowned again in December 1644 on reaching eighteen.

1681: The baroque composer Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713)...

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The baroque composer Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713) published his first twelve Church Sonatas, dedicated to Queen Christina of Sweden (who had abdicated and was living in Rome).

1909: A biography of Christina of Sweden by Ida...

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A biography of Christina of Sweden by Ida Ashworth Taylor appeared.

By early October 1930: London publisher Gerald Howe issued a composite...

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By early October 1930

London publisher Gerald Howe issued a composite biography entitled Six Women of the World, which had previously made up six volumes in a Representative Women series, 1927-9.

1 January 2007: Sweden's Post och Inrikes Tidningar, cited...

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1 January 2007

Sweden's Post och Inrikes Tidningar, cited by the World Association of Newspapers as the world's oldest newspaper still in circulation, dropped its print edition to become an internet only publication.


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