William Kenrick

Standard Name: Kenrick, William


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Textual Production Frances Brooke
FB relieved her feelings over William Kenrick , her rival in translation, by publishing a verse attack on him, The Kenrickad.
McMullen, Lorraine. An Odd Attempt in a Woman: The Literary Life of Frances Brooke. University of British Columbia Press.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
42 (1772): 586
Textual Production Frances Brooke
The full title was Elements of the History of England from the Invasion of the Romans to the Reign of George II; it bore her name. The Critical Review dealt with the earlier volumes...
Textual Production Elizabeth Griffith
EG and her husband both contributed translations to Voltaire 's works in English, issued by William Kenrick in these years.
Gentleman’s Magazine. Various publishers.
49 (1779): 198
Griffith, Elizabeth. “Introduction”. The Delicate Distress, edited by Cynthia Booth Ricciardi and Susan Staves, University Press of Kentucky, p. vii - xviii.


By February 1753: William Kenrick's conduct book The Whole...

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By February 1753

William Kenrick 's conduct book The Whole Duty of Woman was published.

January 1761: Jean-Jacques Rousseau published his epistolary...

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January 1761

Jean-Jacques Rousseau published his epistolarynovelJulie; ou, La nouvelle Héloïse; it was translated into English the same year by William Kenrick .


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