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British Transport Commission
British Typographers' Guild
British Union for the Total Abolition of Vivisection
British Union of Fascists
British United Press
British Universities League of Nations Society
British Vigilance Association
British War Office, Paris
British War Relief Society
British Women Romantic Poets Project
British Women Writers Association
British Women's Institute
British Women's Liberation Movement
British Women's Temperance Association
British Workers' Sports Federation
Brittains Limited
Brixton Prison
Broadcasting House
Broadcasting Support Services
Broadhurst Theater
Broadmoor Prison
Broadview Press
Broadview Press
Broin Bearg
Bromley Auxiliary Fire Service
Bromley High School
Brontë Parsonage Museum
Brontë Society
Bronx Opera House
Brook Street Bureau
Brooklyn College
Brooks Advisory Centre
Brotherhood of Adepts
Brotherhood of Freedom
Brotherton Library
Brown and Patterson
Brown University
Browne and Nolan
Browning Institute
Browning Society
Bruce and George Buchanan
Bruisyard Abbey
Brunel University
Brunswick Square Clinic
Brunswick Theatre
Bruton Galleries
Bryan and Company
Bryan House
Bryant and May