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Booth Theatre
Bootham House School
Boots Booklovers Library
Boots the Chemists
Borderline Theatre Company
Boreas Books
Boriswood Limited
Borough Council
Boston Athenæum
Boston Center for Adult Education
Boston College
Boston Cooking School
Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society
Boston Lyceum for Young Ladies
Boston Marathon
Boston Museum Company
Boston Philharmonic
Boston Public Library
Boston Radical Club
Boston Society for Medical Improvement
Boston University
Boston University Library
Boston Woman's Fund
Boston Women's Health Book Collective
Botanical Society of Edinburgh
Botanical Society of Lichfield
Botanical Society of London
Botswana Book Centre
Bow Group
Bow Street Magistrates Court
Bow Street Police Station
Bow Street Runners
Bowdoin College
Bowes and Bowes
Bowes Museum
Boxer Indemnity Fund
Boy Scouts
Boydell Press
Boys' Institute
BPP University College of Professional Studies
BPW International
Bradbury and Evans
Bradfield School
Bradford Civic Theatre
Bradford Long Pledge Association
Bradford Temperance Society
Brahmo Samaj
Brains Trust