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Working Men's College at Westminster Hall
Working Men's College, Manchester
Working Tailors' Joint Stock Company
Working Title
Working Women's Benefit Society
Working Women's College
Workmen's Circle
Workshop Press
Workwoman's Society
Workwomen's Society for Leeds Tailoresses and Textile Workers
World Anti-Slavery Convention
World Association of Newspapers
World Bank
World Committee against War and Fascism
World Congress
World Congress of Women Against Fascism
World Council of Churches
World Federation of Mental Health
World Health Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization
World Meteorological Organization
World Methodist Council
World Muslim Congress
World Pacifist Meeting
World Peace Parliament
World Sexual Reform League
World Trade Organization
World Union for Progressive Judaism
World Wide Fund for Nature
World Women's Committee Against Fascism and War
Wormwood Scrubs
Worshipful Company of Fanmakers
Wrexham Library Arts Centre
Wright's Ferry Mansion
Writers and Artists Protest against the War in Vietnam
Writers Bloc
Writers in Prison Committee
Writers Workshop
Writers' Action Group
Writers' Club
Writers' Conference of Allied Nations
Writers' Development Trust
Writers' Franchise League
Writers' Group
Writers' Guild of Great Britain
Writers' Union of Canada
Wuhan University
Wychwood School