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Irish Legion
Irish Literary Society, London
Irish Literary Theatre
Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union
Irish Manuscripts Commission
Irish National Club
Irish National Dramatic Company
Irish National Dramatic Society
Irish National League
Irish National Parks and Wildlife Service
Irish National Theatre Society
Irish National Volunteers
Irish Parliament
Irish Parliamentary Party
Irish Party
Irish Poor Relief Fund
Irish Public Record Office
Irish Red Cross
Irish Republican Army
Irish Republican Army Volunteers
Irish Republican Brotherhood
Irish Revolutionary Brotherhood
Irish Self Determination League
Irish Senate
Irish Sisters of Charity
Irish Sisters of Mercy
Irish Socialist Republican Party
Irish Society
Irish Suffrage Society
Irish Tenant League
Irish Times
Irish Trades Union Congress
Irish Transport and General Workers Union
Irish Transport Company
Irish Transport Union
Irish United Women
Irish Universal Suffrage Association
Irish University Press
Irish Volunteers
Irish White Cross
Irish Women Workers Union
Irish Women's Franchise League
Irish Women's Reform League
Irish Women's Suffrage and Local Government Association
Irish Women's Suffrage Federation
Irish Women's Suffrage Society
Iron Press
Isaac Forsyth
Isbister and Co.
Isis Players