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International Summer Institute for Semiotic and Structural Studies
International Textile Workers
International Trades Union Congress
International Traffic in Women Committee
International Voluntary Service for Peace
International Woman Suffrage Alliance
International Women's Congress
International Women's Council
International Women's Day Committee
International Women's League
International Women's Seminar
International Women's Suffrage Alliance
International Workers of the World
International Working Men's Association
Internet Archive
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
Invalid Children's Aid Association
Iolanthe Trust
Iowa State College
Iowa State Department of History and Archives
Iowa Writers' Workshop
Ipswich High School
Ipswich Mechanics' Institution
IRA Irregulars
Iranian PEN Centre in Exile
Iraq Petroleum Company
Irgun Zvai Leumi
Irish Academic Press
Irish Agricultural Organization Society
Irish American Institute
Irish Anti-Partition League
Irish Art Museum
Irish Arts Council
Irish Board of Works
Irish Brigade
Irish Catholic Women's Suffrage Association
Irish Censorship Board
Irish Church Mission for Converting the Catholics
Irish Citizen Army
Irish Confederation
Irish Court of Chancery
Irish Genealogical Research Society
Irish Georgian Society
Irish Harp Society
Irish Home Rule League
Irish House of Commons
Irish House of Lords