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Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Indian Female Normal School and Instruction Society
Indian Franchise Committee
Indian Freedom Campaign
Indian Government
Indian Imperial Police
Indian Intelligence Service
Indian Medical Service
Indian Military Services Family Pension Fund
Indian Museum
Indian National Association
Indian National Congress
Indian National Social Conference
Indian War Office
Indian Women's Association
Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union
Industrial and Education Bureau for Women
Infant Life Protection Society
Infantry Training Centre
Infants' Health Society
Infants' Wesleyan School, Burslem
Infectious Diseases Hospital, Warrington
Information Research Department
Inghinidhe na hÉireann
Ingram Merrill Foundation
Inky Parrot Press
Inland Revenue
Inland Waterways Association
Inn of the Sixth Happiness
Inner London Education Authority
Inner Temple
Inner Traditions
Innerpeffray Library
Inns of Court
Innsbruck Early Music Festival
Institut Catholique
Institut de France
Institut de Psychologie de Paris
Institut Français
Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale
Institut International de Bibliographie
Institut Sainte-Marie
Institute for Advanced Study
Institute for Human Potential
Institute for Protestant Deaconesses
Institute for Sex Research
Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man