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House of Refuge for Unprotected Female Servants
House of Representatives
House of Sorrow
House of Stratus
House of Worth
Hove Central Library
Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center
Howard University
Hoxton Hall
Huddersfield and District Woollen Export Group
Huddersfield Church Institute
Huddersfield Polytechnic University
Huddersfield Women's Liberal Association
Hudson Bay Company
Hughes Hall, Cambridge University
Huguenot Church
Hull History Centre
Hull House
Hull University Press
Hull-House Players
Hulton Press
Human Leopard Society
Human Rights Watch
Humane Society
Humanitarian League
Humanities Research Centre, University of Warwick
Humber College, Toronto
Humber School for Writers
Humberside Theatre
Hungarian National Museum
Hunt and Clarke
Hunt Botanical Institute
Hunter College
Hunter Commission on Education
Huntington Library
Hurst and Blackett
Hurst and Company
Hurst, Chance and Co.
Hurst, Robinson, and Co.
Hurstwood Park Hospital
Hyde Park Gallery
Hyderabad Ladies' War Relief Association
Hydropathic Hotel
Hyperion Press
Hyperion Theatre
I Belong International Story Chain
I. Cockshaw, Jr