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Home for Friendless Girls
Home for Incurables in Dundee
Home for the Dying
Home for Young Servants
Home Government Association
Home Guard
Home of Rest for Horses
Home Office
Home Rule Association of Great Britain
Home Rule Confederation
Home Rule for India League
Home Rule League
Home Secretary's Advisory Council on Race
Homebrew Computer Club
Homeopathic College
Homeopathic Hospital
Homes for Blitzed Babies
Homes of Hope
Honno Welsh Women's Press
Hope Brothers
Hôpital Riviera
Hormone Imbalance
Horn Book
Horsham High School for Girls
Hospital for Consumption at Brompton
Hospital for Heart Diseases
Hospital for Sick Children
Hospital for Sick Children and Outdoor Treatment of Women
Hospital for Women
Hospital of Notre Dame de la Pitié
Hôtel de Rambouillet
Hotel de Russie
Hôtel Dieu
Hotel Meurice
Houghton Library
Houghton Mifflin Company
Hours Press
House and Training School for Nurses
House Committee for Un-American Activities
House of Anansi Press
House of Commons
House of Correction
House of Industry
House of Industry Infirmary
House of Lords
House of Mercy