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French Geographical Society
French Red Cross
French Salon
Freud Archives
Frick Museum
Friday Club
Friday Hampstead Circle
Friendless Girls Association
Friendly Societies
Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers
Friends at the End
Friends Community Relations Committee
Friends First Day School Association
Friends Historical Society
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting
Friends of Canterbury Cathedral
Friends of Fugitives
Friends of Gondwana Rainforest
Friends of Italy Society
Friends of Literature
Friends of Mrs Yelverton
Friends of Peace
Friends of Russian Freedom
Friends of Soviet Russia
Friends of the Oppressed
Friends of the Poor
Friends of the University Libraries
Friends' Ambulance Unit
Friends' Central High School
Friends' Council for International Service
Friends' Historical Society of Ireland
Friends' House
Friends' House Library
Friends' Mission
Friends' War Victims Relief Committee
Froebel Educational Institute
Froebel Society
Frome Museum
Front National
Fulbourne Mental Hospital
Fulham Borough Council
Fulham Prison
Future Library
FVS Foundation, Hamburg
G. A. Natesan
G. and R. King
G. D. Searle
G. Harrap and Company