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Festival of Contemporary British Music
Festival Theatre, Chichester
Festival Theatre, Malvern
FFF Publishers
Fianna Eireann
Fianna Fail
Field Day
Fielding and Walker
Fifteenth Light Dragoons
Fifth Monarchists
Fight the Famine Council
Fighter Command
Film Four International
Film Society
Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Finborough Theatre
Fine Art Society
Fine Arts Commission
Finetake Productions
Finsbury School of Art
Finsbury Theatre
Finstock Local History Society
Fire and Marine Insurance Company
Fire Service, Chelsea
Firelizard Press
Firestone Library
First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps
First Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York
First Edition Club
First Edition Society
First Garden City Limited
First International
First International Chemical Congress
First International Working Men's Association
First Kenya Rifles
First Life Guards
First London General
First National and Vitaphone
First Presbyterian Church
First Story
Fisher Library, University of Sydney
Fisk Jubilee Singers
Fisk University
Fitzpark Museum
Fitzroy Street Group
Fitzwilliam Museum
Five Leaves
Five Nations