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Federal Council of Women's Suffrage Societies
Federal Reserve
Federal Street Theatre
Federalist Party
Federated Schools for Policewomen and Patrols
Federation of Alternative Bookstores
Federation of Medical Women
Federation of South African Women
Federation of the Partito di Democrazia Socialista
Federation of Women Civil Servants
Feldman and Co.
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Fellowship of the New Life
Fellowship Services
Felsted School
Female Aid Society
Female Anti-Slavery Society
Female Benefit Society
Female Chartist Association
Female Compositors Society
Female Friendly Society
Female Immigrants' Home
Female Medical College
Female Medical Society
Female Middle Class Emigration Society
Female Mission to the Fallen
Female Missionary Society
Female Naval Orphan School
Female Penitentiary
Female Refuge Society of Antigua
Female School of Art
Female School of Industry for the Daughters of European Soldiers
Female Society for Birmingham
Female Tailors
Female Trouble
Femina Books
Femina Vie Heureuse Prize
Feminist Anti-Censorship Task Force
Feminist Archive
Feminist Book Fortnight
Feminist History Conference
Feminist History Group
Feminist Library
Feminist Newspaper Group
Feminist Press
Feminist Press Collective
Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group
Festiniog Railway