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English General Military Hospitals
English Heritage
English Home Rule Confederation
English Institute of Beauty
English National Opera
English Opera House
English Seminary
English Speaking Union
English Stage Company
English Theatre Guild
Enitharmon Press
Entertainments National Service Association
Environment Agency
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Equal Opportunities Commission
Equal Pay Campaign Committee
Equal Pay Commission
Equal Pay League
Equal Political Rights Campaign Committee
Equal Rights International
Eragny Press
Erasmus University
Eric Partridge Limited
Ernest Benn
Ernest Nister
Espérance Working Girls' Club
Essex House Press
Essex Institute
Essex Record Office
Estes and Lauriat
Ethel Barrymore Theatre
Ether Books
Ethical Society
Ethiopian Baptist Church
Eton College
Eugenics Education Society
Eugenics Records Office
Eugenics Society
European Common Market
European Community
European Convention on Human Rights
European Court of Human Rights
European Economic Community
European Free Trade Association